WL Technician I


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日常操作 Daily Operations

To implement Operating Procedures and Work Instructions so as to ensure work is performed in accordance with current Company Documented Management System, safety and quality standards, governmental and customers’ requirements.


Strictly abide by and conscientiously implement the company's policies and regulations, and abide by the company's code of conduct and VSL core values.


Actively participate in internal training organized by company, department and team to ensure personal operating skills are up to the position requirement.


Operational skills and safety awareness are competent for the current position and able to operate independently.


Any deviations must be reported so that they can be tracked.


Perform 5S work within the jurisdiction - seiri,seiton, seiso, seiketsu,shitsuke  to  achieve  an orderly, clean and safe working environment.

执行管辖区域内的5S工作 – 整理、整顿、清扫、清洁、素养,最终达到一个有序、整洁和安全的作业环境。

Timely and accurate recording of various operational data


Work under the direct command of the WL shift leader, and obey their arrangement.


Responsible for daily cleaning and lubrication of drumming equipment to ensure that they are in good condition.


Actively participate in the independent maintenance plan for better preventive maintenance of equipment, improve reliability and reduce the failure rate.


Comply with the company's leave management policy and attendance management policy; ensure attendance on time and participating in shift meeting to do correct handover and information transmission on duty completion , abnormal situation, critical equipment deactivation status, equipment maintenance etc.


安全、健康和环保SafetyHealth and Environment

Ensure that all front-line employees and contractors work in accordance with the company's safety work permit system.


Strict obey national and local laws and regulations & VSL standards/procedures, never complete the work at the worth for hurt.


Report to the appropriate manager any deviation in a procedure that may result in a Safety, Health or Environmental issue.


Regularly participate in drills to improve the emergency response capacity.


Any accident should be immediately reported to WL shift leaders, cooperate with the accident investigation, and no concealment or deliberately misleading in the investigation.


Ensure that all waste, including rainwater, is handled according to approved procedures.


Supervise third parties such as drivers to ensure that they comply fully with company rules and regulations


Participate in SHE training, pay attention to safety, security, occupational health, environment and firefighting.


Responsible for the normal operation of exhaust gas systems, environmental protection equipment and safety equipment in this jurisdiction.


Focus on unconventional operations to ensure that the risks are effectively controlled.


个人行为 Personal Behavior

In accordance with the company's various rules and regulations and core values, continue to improve personal behavior, and jointly create a safe, positive, united and collaborative corporate culture atmosphere.


Any difficulties should be addressed in a positive manner, and choose proper communication channel to solve.


工作质量Job Quality

Actively participate in internal training organized by company, department and team, improve personal operating skills and work ability.


Enhance service awareness and improve work quality to increase customers’ satisfaction.


Learning lessons from accident sharing, shift meetings, shift shifts and other methods to avoid similar mistakes to happen again.


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