Maintenance Lead

Storing vital products with care

Storing vital products with care

1 Safety & Environment

  • Participate in the Trust and Verify engagement rounds and perform the safety observation rounds as per the agreed targets
  • Adherence to Vopak's Safety Critical Standards
  • Have a solid understanding of the Vopak Fundamentals
  • Lead by example and comply with applicable Vopak policies, standards, procedures and local legislation and  regulations;
  • Ensure training compliance is maintained
  • Continuously strive to identify and implement environmental & sustainability improvement initiatives
  • Lead and assist in the incident investigation and action closure process on as assigned basis

2 Scheduling and Execution of Maintenance Tasks

  • Ensure that maintenance plans are updated based on criticality review and changes
  • Assist in continuously improve maintenance practices while aligning the overall system with maintenance procedures, audit results / action requirements and Vopak minimum standards
  • Development of yearly, monthly and weekly plans for maintenance work orders to make sure the alignment with terminal operations
  • Recording and monitoring the maintenance key performance indicators to steward the maintenance works accordingly
  • Assist in ensuring that terminal maintenance practices are aligned with Vopak Standards and applicable local guidelines / standards
  • Action the work orders based on the criticality and urgency set in the ME2 system
  • Execution of PM/CM activities as per the yearly plan
  • Coordination and scheduling of Maintenance activities with respect to other operations at the terminal
  • Coordination with O&M for fault findings and execute corrective maintenance jobs
  • Ensuring the testing and certification of safety critical equipment like TRVs, hoses, PV vents, PSVs etc. is computed on time within the desired frequency 
  • Lead breakdown for urgent repairs / operational continuation
  • Review of PM / CM findings to create WOOI or action plan to ensure asset availability
  • Assist the Department Manager in conducting trend analysis of recurring corrective maintenance jobs 

3 Maintenance Auditing

  • Participate in all internal and external audits including THA, ISO, Client, Vopak etc. on as need basis
  • Upkeep of maintenance record and data to ensure availability of records to the auditors
  • Assist in recording, stewarding and closure of assigned findings from different audits

4 Contractor Management

  • Development and review of maintenance procedures, SWMS and RA submitted by Contractor
  • Development of scope of work document and specification for procurement as agreed with the Department Manager
  • Coordination with Contractors and Suppliers to plan and execute corrective and preventive work orders
  • Ensuring safety and quality control for maintenance / repair works at Site

5 Projects

  • Planning and execution of assigned projects as directed by the Department Manager
  • For projects where this role is classified as the internal customer, lead the creation of the scope of work / project request form for the Projects team
  • Ensure that projects are designed and executed in such a way as to minimise any potential for personal or process safety incidents.
  • Facilitate in exploring new opportunities and execute ideas relevant to VTA's 2030 Ambition - Key focus areas: Innovation, Digitization, De-Risking & Asset Management

6 Record Keeping

  • Ensuring that all the repair / maintenance record has been logged into ME2 system for future reference
  • Record keeping of contractor timesheets, spares used to enter into ME2 / Oracle system
  • Continuously up keeping the maintenance data to facilitate availability of relevant information  
  • Record keeping in ME2 system against the relevant work order
  • Record keeping for KPI control and monitoring
  • Ensure all equipment and measurement tools have updated certificates and inspection records

7 System Administration

  • Executor and for corrective and preventive maintenance in the ME2 system
  • Utilizing ME2 to the optimal level and to ensure the relevant findings / investigation are recorded against the relevant work orders
  • Completion of assigned tasks in MyDocs and Oracle
  • Maintain regular systems housekeeping for MyDocs, Oracle, ME2 etc. to ensure maximum system performance
  • Actively working on safe work instructions / Risk Assessments in My Docs / shared drive  to ensure the site practices are aligned with the procedures and guidelines
  • Raising DOSCEs, MOCs and LOTO as required for the job execution

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