Truck Officer I


Description of
this vacancy

A. Incoming / outgoing information.


(receipt and confirm of) customers information, instructions and orders, to check whether they are conform to the contract .


Responsible for liaise with Transport as required for scheduling, operational and performance issues to achieve efficient truck unloading/loading.


Responsible for creating work order and coordinate with operations’ loading/unloading team and surveyor on truck issue to ensure a smooth operation as expected by customers.


Responsible for planning and monitoring tank-truck operation issue in order to inform the customer(s) the operation status at any time when necessary.


Responsible for inventory controlling and updating drumming product

data in system, transfer to ensure there is enough product or ullage for

in/out warehouse, ensure to inform the customer(s) the exact status at

any time when necessary.



  • Bulk truck 散水:

Responsible for bulk truck order management in ERP system according to bulk truck TO operation procedure, include work order entry, order closure and related document and generate report.


Co-operate with OPS technicians to complete customer’s working plan. Optimize the queue of bulk truck work order generation to ensure no truck loading breakdown caused by short of work order.


Co-operate with driver to make sure work information no any deviation, and generate work order by rule requested in procedure.


  • Drumming 桶装:

Drumming order generate as per customer’s plan and order closure in ERP system.


Dispatching order generate as per customer’s plan and order closure in ERP system.


Production and GHS labels print and distribute.


Ancillary materials receipt and distribute, return-back drums and waste drums receipt and dispatching order generate and recorded.


Drumming data collected and recorded.


B. Preparation, reporting and filing of administrative survey's.


Prepare daily, monthly and yearly and ad-hoc reports to customers and operation team to aware the operation status and improving operational performance.


Files, for the sake of possible later reconstruction, all written order information, emails, letters, faxes and copies of all the paperwork.


Takes care, that all transportation documents are kept in archive in good order for a period determined by law.


C. Various tasks


During the night shift, processing the urgent order from customers and

Inform the related Logistics/Production within the department.


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