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Description of
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reports to : Operations Manager 操作经理

Job Function:工作职责

  • Shift Leader fully responsible in managing the shift and be responsible to ensure that operations are carried out in a safe and efficient manner, according to the operation manager or his delegated staff and Customers Service Department instructions. 根据操作经理或其授权人员以及客户服务部的要求,负责管理班组安全、有效地进行操作。
  • Shift Leader would be responsible for all operational activities during his shift.负责工作期间的所有操作活动。
  • Whole responsible for all the management of all operations in the nights, at weekend and on public holidays.全面负责夜间、周末和公共假期的所有运营管理。
  • Shift Leader would be responsible in managing the shift and be responsible for assisting maintenance and safety/environmental department in checking and monitoring of contractors activities according to safety and operation procedures.负责根据安全操作规范协助维修、安全/环保部门检查、监督承包商的活动。
  • Shift Leader would be responsible to identify and provide training to subordinates regarding operation procedures, equipment, safety, environmental and quality procedures.对班组进行操作规范、设备、安全、环保和质量规范的培训。
  • Hold tool box meeting before every shift work, assign work reasonably, make and pass working orders to respective terminal operators, offer on-site guidance, follow up supervision and check the result of works.每班工作前召开班组会议,合理分配工作,下达工作指令给各操作员,进行现场指导,跟踪监督,检查工作结果。
  • Check and prepare the storage tanks, ensure the pipeline, pump and associated facilities meet all product storage and operation requirements.检查和准备储罐,确保管道、泵及相关设施满足所有产品储存和使用要求。
  • To ensure that all personnel working in the terminal must follow the VF+.确保在罐区工作的人员都遵循公司的安全基本准则。
  • Ensure that all personnel doing non-routine work must have valid work permit and must follow the stated precautions as set out in the Company’s safe Work Permit System.确保所有非常规作业必须按照公司作业许可制度开具有效的作业许可证,并遵守规定的安全要求。
  • To stop all unsafe work and report to operation manager/management staff.停止一切不安全的工作并且汇报操作经理/管理层。
  • Ensure all defeats within the terminal and jetty must be timely reported.确保罐区和码头的所有隐患应该及时汇报。
  • To ensure there is not wastage when using E&U in the terminal.当操作部使用能源和公用系统的时候,确保没有浪费。
  • To identify E&U improvement/saving areas.在能源和公用设施的改进和节能方面有所贡献。
  • Safeguarding the Terminal assets by patrolling and supervising and co-ordinating fire and safety-operations during emergencies.巡逻、监督在紧急情况下协调消防、安全操作,以确保罐区财产安全。
  • Supervising maintenance and housekeeping habits in the operating area and report equipment problems.监督操作现场的维修和保养,汇报设备出现的问题。
  • To ensure proper quantity and quality control of customers cargo.确保正确控制客户货物的数量和质量。
  • Check the quality and quantity of customer’s product in order to control the loss of the product; Finish Month-end Gauge and prepare all relevant reports monthly.检查客户产品的质量和数量,以控制产品的损失;完成月末计量并准备所有相关每月报告。
  • To check capacity of tank(s) for sufficient storage of cargo检查储罐的容量,以确保产品的有效存储。
  • Responsible for the proper berthing and sailing of vessels, allocation of berths and connection of loading arms.负责船只的靠泊和航行,泊位的分配、输油臂的连接。
  • To maintain safe navigation in the vicinity of all jetties.确保整个码头附近导航的安全。
  • To record daily activities/movements on the respective forms.在相关表格内记录每日的活动。
  • Responsible for check, arrangement and filing of all operational documents.负责所有操作文件的检查、整理和归档。
  • To ensure a pollution-free environment and observe safety rules.遵循安全规定,确保无环境污染。
  • Directs operations for CCR and site.指导中控窒及现场的操作。
  • Control the discipline of shift workers.管理倒班人员的纪律。
  • To ensure all routine checks are done during the shift by all staff and all log-sheets are properly filled such as pigging, utility usage, tank gauging, pre-loading check and other operations checklist确保员工完成所有的常规检查和正确填写所有记录表,例如打球记录、公用设施的消耗、储罐的测量、装货前的检查清单,其他操作列表。
  • Assist in troubleshooting协助故障维修
  • Should be able to lead, guide and trains others in all job areas.在所有工作区域能够领导、指导和培训他人
  • Maintain terminal in clean, tidy and safe condition保持罐区的干净、整洁和安全
  • Participate in doing JSA as en expert operation representative.作为一个操作方面的专家参与JSA的工作。
  • Able to provide improvement suggestion to improve the company SHE, efficiency and operation.能够提供良好的建议来改善公司的SHE、工作效率和操作。
  • Must be very familiar in the role that he take as per define in the ERP during emergency.要非常熟悉在在紧急情况下ERP中自己的职责。

Skills & Knowledge:

  • General Knowledge requirement:知识技能要求:
  • High school or medium vocational education in chemical major and above具备高中及以上学历或化工类中等及以上职业教育水平
  • Chemical or petrochemical relevant education background would be of advantages化学或石化相关专业
  • Minimum 5 years operational working experience in chemical or petrochemical industry with Minimum 3 year working experiences as team leader5年以上化学或石化行业的实际操作经验, 3年以上班组长工作经验
  • Honest, self-motivated, highly integrity, disciplined and working hard诚信、正直、敬业、守纪、吃苦耐劳
  • Good supervising, organizing, planning, leadership and communication skill良好的组织、协调、沟通能力和人际关系
  • Proficiency in Mandarin 中文流利
  • English ability: able to communicate in simple English is preferable 英语:会简单会话;
  • Able to apply MS office 会运用办公自动化系统
  • Able to work in shifts on shift team 能倒班工作
  • Rich supervision experience and/or liquid chemicals, petrochemical handling experience and/or rich working experience in relevant positions and/or good English ability is preferred具有丰富的管理经验和/或液体化学、石化产品仓储物流实际操作经验和/或有相关岗位丰富工作经验和/或有良好英语水平优先考虑

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