Public Affairs Specialist


Description of
this vacancy

Work as interface management between internal and local authorities to convey and negotiate in the best interest and benefits of the company


Participate in the whole process of project approval and construction application from early project period, ensure that the project approval and construction procedures are complete and qualified for approval


Coordinate with other departments according to the progress of approval procedures in the early stage of the project to ensure that the project is approved and complies with relevant regulations


Assist in contacting of project application, submitting tech proposal, submitting project info and applying for approval from different management levels to ensure compliance with Chinese laws and regulations.


Assist in the acceptance of the whole process of the project, prepare relevant inspection materials, and timely submit relevant acceptance documents to the relevant authorities.


Establish and maintain good relationship with relevant government departments to ensure the smooth implementation of all stages of the project


Timely reflect the difficulties encountered in the co process, and keep communication with relevant departments


Execute additional job and projects assigned by the Deputy General Manager.


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