OPS Technician I


Description of
this vacancy

To carry out routine checks, work orders, undertake operational activities at terminal and jetty in a safe, efficient and timely manner to ensure VSL, customers’ and government procedures, requirements and regulations met at all time.


To ensure himself and help other personnel working in the terminal must follow the VF+.


To stop all unsafe work and report to (deputy) shift supervisor or higher authority immediately


Report all defeats within his area of responsibility. Any defeats outside his responsible area, he should inform the responsible operator or (deputy) shift leader.


To ensure there is not wastage when using E&U in the terminal.


To identify E&U improvement/saving areas


To implement Operating Procedures and Work Instructions so as to ensure work is performed in accordance with current Company Documented Management System, safety and quality standards, governmental and customers’ requirements.


To participate in training programme as required so as to carry out the task they are working on, and complete that work in a safe manner.


To implement operations at the job area assigned to him/her at the terminal so as to ensure product handling including other activities such as sampling, purging, pigging, slopping, flushing, etc. are performed in accordance with current operating procedures, safety standards and customer’s requirements.


To ensure terminal facilities, utilities and consumables such as general equipment, tools, instruments, nitrogen, rags, gaskets, etc are readily available and are in good, accurate working condition and well maintained so as to ensure operation processes are smooth, free from delays and defect in accordance to Standard Equipment Operating Procedures.


Additionally housekeeping and cleanliness of Terminal and CCR shall be maintained at a high standard.


Assist in the investigation of all accidents/incidents and to take the appropriate action to prevent any recurrence.


Ensure that all personnel doing non-routine work must have valid work permit and must follow the stated precautions as set out in the Company’s safe Work Permit System.


Ensure that all waste, including storm-water, is handled according to approved procedures.


Report to Shift Supervisor, the appropriate manager for any deviation in a procedure that may result in a Safety, Health or Environmental issue.


Safeguarding the Terminal assets by patrolling and supervising and co-ordinating fire and safety-operations during emergencies.


To ensure all routine checks are done during the shift and all log-sheets are properly filled such as pigging, utility usage, tank gauging, pre-loading check, other operations checklist at all job area under his responsibility.


Assist in troubleshooting


Based on the “VSL OPERATION SHIFT STAFF TRAINING MATRIX”, level I technicians should be able to:


-  Work independently for tankfarm, truck loading bay, utility and fire fighting area/system.


-  Can work for Pit21, jetty and CCR under supervision and coaching by tutor.


-  Provide improvement suggestion to improve the company SHE, efficiency and operation.


-  Work as authorised gas tester


-  Participate in doing JSA


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