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Description of
this vacancy

reports to Terminal Manager

Purpose of job:

  • SHEQ Compliance 遵守健康安全环保质量要求:To ensure all team members are fully comply with local regulations, VF+ fundamentals and company SHEQ policy.确保部门所有成员遵守地方法规,孚宝基本准则以及公司的SHEQ方针政策。
  • Operations Excellence 卓越的操作 To ensure that all daily operations are carried out according to the procedures, planning & scheduling;确保每天的日常操作都按照操作流程、计划安排来执行;To satisfy our customers by providing flawless service execution from A2D (arrival to departure)。为客户提供满意的服务,确保业务流程:从车辆/船只的到达直至离开,管道的输送/收发等顺畅无误。

Job Function:

  • Strongly believe the principle of “The safety is the line manager’s responsibility”, aim to improve the department and company’s safety culture and all relevant SHEQ targets; 坚信“安全是部门经理的职责”的原则,致力于提高部门和公司的安全文化和各项SHEQ目标。
  • Actively promoting safety improvement initiatives and presenting personal safety leadership as a role model of the department and company;作为部门和公司的表率,积极主动地促进各项安全改进活动地开展,展示个人地安全领导力。
  • Regularly review and update department procedures and customers’ operations manual, supervise and monitor that all site executions are carried out in accordance with it;定期评估并更新部门程序以及客户操作手册,监督和指导现场所有的操作活动按要求执行。
  • To ensure that all non-conformities incl. safety incidents, equipment failures, customers complaints etc. are reported, investigated or analysed and closed with proper corrective actions ;确保所有不符合项,包括安全事故,设备故障,客户投诉等都已汇报,调查分析,并通过合理的整改措施进行了完善。
  • To ensure experienced, competent, skilled and sufficient manpower has been established and maintained to support the operation of the company. This will include involvement in recruitment process, personnel appraisals and objectives, and discipline.确保建立并维持富有经验的、有能力的、技术过硬以及充分的人手,以支持公司的操作运营。这包括参与招聘过程、人员的绩效评估、目标制订以及相关处罚。
  • To ensure that all department staffs are well trained and qualified for their specific tasks;确保部门所有员工都经过了良好的培训,有能力或资格执行他们岗位所赋予的工作任务。
  • To develop department “people growth” plan/program to enhance the department staffs’ competence level and company human resource pool;建立部门人员发展计划,以致力于提高部门员工能力水平和强化公司人才储备;
  • Actively cooperate and coordinate with internal departments, i.e. CS, Maintenance, Commercial, Project, etc. To ensure that customer orders can be fulfilled, less interruption due to unavailable of infrastructures, no deviation from ITTA and customers operations manual;积极地与内部部门,如客服部,维修部,商务部,项目部等协同合作,确保客户服务订单地完成,减少因设施失效而导致地业务中断,完全符合ITTA和客户操作手册的要求。
  • Responsible for developing department annual budget which the factors of cost effectiveness & efficiency are taking into account;负责年度预算的制定,制定预算时应考虑其效用和效率的因素。
  • Plan, organize and monitor the utilization of departmental resources so as to ensure effectiveness of operation and administration;计划、组织和监控部门资源的有效利用,提高运作和管理的效率;
  • Encourage and support the team to provide the solutions on operations efficiency improvement, safety improvement, and cost saving, etc.鼓励并支持团队提供有助于改善提高操作效率,安全绩效,成本节约方面的建议和方法。
  • Housekeeping and cleanliness of Terminal shall be maintained at a high standard. 维持高标准的罐区内务管理。 Regularly organize the emergency response drills according to the ERP, ensure all relevant peoples incl. employee, contractor, third party, etc. are well known of the right responding actions. To identify and remove the gaps thru the drills, to ensure that all specific ER plans always workable whenever the emergency case happened.根据应急预案定期组织应急反应演习,确保相关人员包括:员工,承包商,第三方等了解和熟悉正确的反应措施。通过演习,找出差距并弥补差距,确保无论何时,当应急情况发生时,相关的应急预案都能够是切实可行的。
  • To provide supervisory/management backup to Terminal Department management personnel as requested, and to participate on “Management on Call Roster System”, and  “Holiday Duty Roster”, and as part of “Emergency Response Management Team”.根据需要对运行部门管理人提供后援支持,并且参与管理层值班待命制度,节假日值班制度,及作为应急响应管理小组成员。
  • Regularly attend the ORM (operational review meeting) with customers, to discuss service performance, safety issues, complaints, improvement actions, etc.定期参加客户操作回顾会议,讨论服务绩效,安全问题,投诉,改进方案等。
  • Play the role as function expert, throughout regular self-assessment, prepare and update all relevant supporting documents and evidence, to meet all the requirements for both internal and external audits and inspections.作为领域的专家,不断地进行自我评审,准备和更新相关的支持性文件和证据,以满足各种内部外部审计的要求。
  • Execute some management activities with written authorization, i.e. attend customer meeting, project review meeting, terminal management meeting minutes recording, PR approval, PTW approval, etc.在得到书面授权的情况下,执行部分管理行为,例如:参加客户会议,项目评估会议,罐区管理层会议纪要记录,采购申请的批准,作业许可证的批准等。
  • Act as key user in MY SERVICE System and complete tasks in his role.作为My Service 系统中的关键用户,完成系统内相应模块的操作。

Skills & Knowledge:

  • Education: College degree or above, major in relevant with Chemical industrial 教育:大专学历或以上,化工相关专业
  • Languages:Ability in both written and spoken Mandarin and English 语言:普通话和英语表达及书写流畅。
  • Computer:  Ability to use computer and knowledge of relevant software 计算机 熟悉计算机操作及相关软件的运用
  • Experience: Related field experience in chemical industry or Petrochemical industry, preferably also extensive high volume tank terminal experience. Minimum 5 years working experience for bachelor degree, Minimum 7 years working experience for college degree. 工作经历:有化工或石化行业相关工作经验,有丰富储罐区工作经验者优先。本科学历至少5年以上工作经验,大专学历至少7年以上工作经验。

Competency & Skills  能力和技巧:        

  • Interpersonal communication skills  人际沟通技能
  • Business writing skills  商务写作技能
  • Leadership and management skills  领导和管理技能
  • Teamwork skills  团队协作能力
  • Managing meetings  会议管理能力
  • Public speaking or presentation skills  演说能力
  • Problem solving skills  解决问题的技巧
  • Self-Motivation 自我激励能力
  • Capable to handle emergency situation 应急处置能力
  • Risk assessment and root cause identification skill 风险评估和根本原因分析能力
  • Maintenance data analysis skill 维修数据分析能力
  • Planning & scheduling ability  计划与时间安排能力
  • Training & coaching skill 培训和辅导能力

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