Loading Master 做船主管


Description of
this vacancy

reports to : Shift Leader 汇报对象:班长

Location : Huizhou China 工作地点:中国惠州

Job Function:


1.    Daily operation management 日常操作管理

  • Shall be obliged to company’s safety & profit, effectively implement Shift Leader’s operational orders.
  • 以公司的安全和利益为己任,有效地执行班组长下达的操作命令。
  • Inspect, test and operate all jetty equipment and facilities for production and service according to the requirements in operational check list and other orders.
  • 根据操作核对清单以及其他订单要求,检验、测试并操作所有用于生产及服务的码头设备设施。
  • Be able to master the control and monitoring jetty related systems in CCR and acquire the ability of problem identification.
  • 能够熟练掌握CCR系统中与码头控制和监控工作相关的系统,能够识别相关问题。
  • Fill out jetty related operational orders, forms and check list promptly as required and file all the documents in order.  
  • 按照要求及时填写与码头相关的操作订单、表单文件和核对清单,将所有相关文件有序归档。
  • In charge of the housekeeping work in assigned area, maintain the working environment clean and tidy.
  • 负责承担指定区域内的清洁工作,确保工作环境保持清洁、整洁。
  • Be able to make reasonable suggestions based on the facilities in tank farm and jetty to improve operations and maintenance efficiency.  
  • 能够基于罐区及码头的各项设施提出合理的建议,以提高运营维护效率。
  • During the absence of shift leader, manage and in charge of all operational activities in the shift if receive the delegation / authorization.
  • 班组长不当班时,根据指定/授权,管理并负责当班的所有操作工作。
  • Master all the following operations according to Vopak operational procedures comply with Vopak safety requirements:
  • 根据孚宝操作规程以及遵循孚宝安全要求,熟练掌握以下所有操作:
  • Conduct inspection/test on jetty equipment before ship call in and before transferring commencement.  
  • 船舶进港前以及移交工作开始前,检验/测试码头设备。
  • Conduct regular inspection during product transferring process and after transferring.  
  • 在产品转移过程中以及产品转移后,实施定期检查。
  • Coordination and communication for ships call in.
  • 协调并沟通船舶进港事宜。
  • Management and coordination of ships mooring and unmooring.   
  • 管理并协调船舶系泊及脱系事宜。
  • Participate ship-shore preload conference as terminal representative to agree loading/unloading plan and emergency responses etc.    
  • 作为仓储代表,参与船-岸预装会议,商定装/卸计划及应急响应措施等。
  • Conduct ship-shore safety check together with ships.  
  • 与船舶一起实施船-岸安全检查。
  • Ship quantity measurement and sampling monitoring and confirmation following quality and stock management requirements.   
  • 根据质量要求和库存管理要求,测量、抽样监测并确认船舶数量。
  • Lineup preparation and verification. 
  • 准备并验证泊位排列计划。
  • Product movement execution and monitoring.  
  • 执行并监督产品搬运工作。
  • Conduct regular inspection on jetty facilities from the view of operations, safety and security.
  • 从操作和安全保安视角,定期检查码头设施。
  • Communicate with jetty related officers in a polite and professional way.
  • 以礼貌且专业的方式,与码头管理人员沟通相关工作。
  • Obey other arrangements and related works assigned by the company.
  • 服从本公司安排的其他工作和相关工作。

2.   Customer service  客户服务

  • Deliver excellent service through operating the jetty in a safe and efficient way.
  • 以安全且高效的方式实施码头操作工作,确保提供优质服务。
  • Recommend and implement actions for continuously improving service performance.
  • 建议并实施相关措施,持续改进服务水平。

3.   SHEQ 安全、健康、环保和质量(SHEQ)

  • Good knowledge on SHE related equipment and their locations at jetty and be able to operate them in the manner of skilled.
  • 熟悉SHE(安全、健康和环保)相关设备及其在码头的摆放位置,能够熟练操作该等设备。
  • Be responsible for safety and security supervision at jetty.
  • 负责监督码头的安全保卫工作。
  • In charge of safety and security management relating ships handling.
  • 负责管理船舶装卸安全保卫工作。
  • Be clear of roles and responsibilities in emergency response system and know how to take actions in emergency response.
  • 明确了解应急系统中涉及的各个岗位及相关职责,明白如何在应急情况下采取相关措施。

4.   Training 培训

  • Maintain and improve competency in operational matters by attending all arranged training according to HR requirements and individual development programs.
  • 根据人力资源部门的要求以及个人发展计划,参加公司安排的所有培训计划,确保保持并加强业务能力。
  • Undertake all tests conducted after training and participate in all assigned competency.
  • 培训结束后认真完成所需测试,并且参加本公司指定的所有能力测试。
  • Propose training requirements to Shift Leaders timely. 
  • 及时向班组长建议培训方面的相关要求。

5.   Guard management  安保管理

  • Control the ship embarking and disembarking of ship crew and 3rd parties.
  • 对船员以及第三方的上、下船活动进行管控。
  • Oversee the non-Vopak people at jetty.
  • 对码头上的非孚宝人员进行监督。
  • Oversee the security control measures in place at jetty.
  • 监督码头提前制备各项安保控制措施。

Skills & Knowledge:


  • College degree or above in Chemical or Petrochemical or logistic
  • 化工、石油化工或物流专业大专以上学历
  • Minimum 3 years relevant working experience in tank terminal operating
  • 至少3年罐区操作相关经验
  • Minimum 1 year loading master experience in tank terminal
  • 至少1年罐区做船主管工作经验
  • Integrity, conscientious and disciplined
  • 为人正直、认真负责、遵守纪律
  • Good communication and interpersonal skill
  • 具备良好的沟通能力和人际交往能力
  • Ability to work in a Chinese and English speaking environment, can use English to read write and speak in loading master area
  • 能够在中、英文双语环境下胜任工作;能够用英文阅读、写作并口头沟通做船主管职责范围内的相关工作。
  • Able to work in shifts on shift team
  • 能适应倒班团队的倒班工作。

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