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计划并配合员工能力发展使其获得保证工作达标的能力。Plan and cooperate with employees' competency development so that they’re qualified to do the jobs.

全面执行并监督薪资计划及员工福利方案的实施,确保公司整体薪酬的市场竞争力和内部公平性。Implement and supervise the implementation of salary structure and employee benefits to ensure the total reward has the market competitiveness and internal equity.

执行监督工资计算和发放以保证其准确有效。Execute and supervise the payroll and salary distribution to ensure its accuracy and validity.

计划、配合并实施人力资源规划及招聘以保证公司有充足的人员开展业务。Plan, coordinate and implement manpower planning and recruiting to ensure that the company has sufficient personnel.

识别技能差距及培训需求,计划、配合并监督培训需求鉴别,使技能差距最小化并且保证培训人天指标达到规定的最少培训量。Identify skill gaps and training needs, plan, cooperate and supervise the identification of training needs, minimise skill gaps and ensure the training hours per head meet the requirement.

计划、配合完成人力资源开发包括人员晋升、岗位轮换,保证员工职业发展顺利进行并保持和提高员工的工作积极性。Plan and cooperate on talent development, including personnel promotion and job rotation, to ensure the smooth progress of employees' career development and to maintain and improve employees' work enthusiasm.

分析、计划并提交人力资源年度预算,保证预算覆盖所有人力资源功能及活动且足够维持业务活动正常开展。Analyse, plan and submit the annual personnel budget to ensure that the budget covers all personnel related costs and is sufficient to maintain the normal operation of business activities.

计划、配合并监督年度绩效管理及绩效调薪,并保证其连贯性及一致性。Plan, coordinate and monitor annual performance management and merit cycle and ensure its coherence and consistency.

管理所有劳资关系事宜,保证所有劳资事由处理合法。Manage the labour relationship and ensure that the issues are handled properly and legally.

计划并配合参与培养和保持员工与管理层的良好关系。Being a bridge between the management and the employees.

负责并管理行政类工作的有效开展。Responsible for managing the administrative work is conducted properly.

其他总经理指派的工作。Other jobs assigned by the General Manager.

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