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1. 3 year maintenance plan

 Responsible for developing the 5 year maintenance plan and consult with the technician to get their input.

Preventive maintenance related works

2.1 Create preventive maintenance schedule- Determine maintenance requirements asset

Responsible for identifying whether an asset requires preventive maintenance, based on risk assessments, maintenance policies and analysis of the maintenance history.

2.2 Create preventive maintenance schedule-Adjust required PM for asset

Responsible for determining and adjusting the required preventive maintenance for an asset: specifying what type of preventive maintenance must be performed on a regular basis, possible adjustments based on manufacturers’ instructions, legislation and/or status of warranty.

Create preventive maintenance schedule-Determine the frequency of PM

Responsible for identifying with what frequency preventive maintenance workorders must be executed.

Create preventive maintenance schedule-Determine scope of work

Responsible for establishing which default activities, standard procedures and required tools are needed as part of the preventive maintenance workorders and consult with the technician to get his input on the scope of work and default activities.

Create preventive maintenance schedule-Publish PM schedule

Responsible for activating the PM schedule, so that on the designated moments in time PM workorders are created and can be scheduled and executed and inform stakeholders on schedule for PM for the various assets.

Crective maintenance

Responsible for crective maintence troubleshooting , maintenance plan and other related adjust works.

Cost optimization and efficiency

Responsible for cost analysis about maintenance and contractor management.

Compliance with policies and regulations

Responsible for compliance with polices ,regulations and Vopak standards

6. Other duties assigned by direct Manager

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