Assistant Terminal Manager


Description of
this vacancy


To achieve the objectives as agreed upon with his superior


Assist Terminal Manager to manage & supervise terminal facilities and activities in compliance with ISO standard and SHE requirements


Assist Terminal Manager to ensure all of maintenance/project activities on the living facilities to comply with procedures.


Assist Terminal Manager to manage & supervise terminal operations so that customers are served in a proper manner


Assist Terminal Manager to manage the entire activities on safety, health, environmental and pollution control of the Terminal. Work together with SSHEQ department to do investigation and reporting for NM, FAC, RWC, MTC and LTI. 协助运营部经理管理库区的所有行为符合安全、健康、环境和污染控制的要求。和安全部门一起,主导事故的调查和上报工作(包括NM,FAC,RWC,MTC和LTI)。

Assist Terminal Manager in close co-operation with the General Manager to prepare the annual budgets for the Terminal


To keep effective external and internal relationships, within operations department, other Depts. (CSD, etc), and government bodies as required


To understand and achieve customer’s requirement


To ensure all operations in compliance with company policies, national regulations and law


Assist Terminal manager to provide proper training to terminal staff for sure that they are equipped to perform their duties


Manage the terminal activities on behalf of TM in case of his absence.


Responsibility  责任:

In case of fire or a major incident resulting in hazards for the terminal and the surroundings, assist Terminal Manager to take any action to mitigate the risks before the arrival of the fire brigade. Responsible to organize the initial response until the local fire brigade takes over.


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